Thakran Farms - Fun filled place

Best School Picnic Spot Near Gurgaon

The school picnics are a fun time for the school students. Picnic is the time when kids can have their favorite food along with a lot of games and no studies. So, the students get more excited when they hear about the picnic. Therefore, to match the excitement of students their picnic spot also needs to be very exciting and fun-loving. Also, the schools try selecting the most exciting yet secured picnic spot for the students where on the same side they can educate their students too. Many schools arrange regularly their annual school picnics for students at Thakran Farms. Thakran farms is perfect for a day picnic on the weekend. Everything, from the food to the activities organized at Thakran farms, is a blend of rural village life and a relaxed mood. Children can spend the day honing the craft of pottery or learn how to make intricate henna designs. There is also an adventure area for the kids to enjoy. Also, there are many indoor and outdoor sports like foosball, archery, cricket, basket ball and many other that gives you a chance to showcase your sport skills. Talking about having a food feast tuck into a sumptuous feast with simple, but wholesome, dishes like Paneer Shahi, Rajma, Sarson Ka Saag with Makee Ki Roti (and lots of white butter!), Rabri and Halwa, and many more yummy delicacies. If all these things are short to spend the day, guests can explore the rest of the property on a tractor ride. And if the day is short to enjoy all the activities, you can experience a memorable stay with us and enjoy all the left things the next day.