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Season of Winter Delicacies

Yes, you had read it right; the season of winter delicacies. You must be thinking there is no such season but that’s not true there is a season of food and that is the winter season. Winter is the season when we like to have everything warm, and then let that be our clothes or the food. In winters I even check for the seat before sitting whether they are cold or warm and we are sure many of us do so…; D. Winter is the season of green leafy vegetables too, even though we don’t have to wait for any season for the varieties of food. But there are some seasonal foods and we should understand that seasonal fruits and vegetables are best to be eaten in their respective season. Some very popular food varieties are being listed below by us…. Gajar ka Halwa: Gajar / Carrots are available all-round the season but you would be able to taste the real flavor of carrots in winters only. Gajar ka halwa is the all over India famous sweet dish and even liked by all the people. To make this grate the sweet and juicy carrots cook them in a mixture of milk, sugar, and nuts. Makke Di Roti Te Sarson Da Saag: Makke di roti Te Sarson da saag is a super hit combo. Sarso saag where Sarson means mustard and saag means green leaves. In the making procedure of this, no shortcuts are there, as every step is important for its perfect taste and flavor. It is accompanied best with the best Indian bread that is Makka means maze flour roti. This is a traditional Punjabi dish. It sounds too yummy the steaming hot Makki roti with Sarso ka saag added the topping of white butter. This combination makes it a lip-smacking treat for winters.  Parathas: Hmmm the name itself waters the mouth. Winter season, means breakfast with the hot yummy buttery paranthas filled with potatoes, reddish/ mulli, Spinach, Fenugreek/methi, etc. These paranthas are an all-time favourite and the winter mornings are incomplete without these stuffed chapattis. Ohh my there are so many to be listed, but we feel so hungry after listing a few of them. And what are you looking for by scrolling down, if you want to have the taste of them all then come over to the lovely place. This winter to taste all the food varieties without wasting any minute come to Thakran Farms and taste all the lip-smacking dishes here, so just book your tickets soon for Thakran Farms near Pataudi Palace before the winter gets over. In Thakran Farms you will get all the food varieties along with a lot many fun activities. And of course, we know that one day wouldn’t be enough as you can’t taste them all in just a day. So pack your bags for a 2-3days trip as Thakran Farms offers a comfortable stay with all the facilities. Thakran Farms is a complete package of fun, stay and food plus you also get to enjoy the sunlight and greenery with a real feel of a village.